What Does It Mean If A Tooth Filling Turns Black?

What Does It Mean If A Tooth Filling Turns Black?

Jan 02, 2023

You’ve just visited your dentist for a dental check-up, and they tell you that you need a filling. Well, you are not alone. Many people get at least one feeling in their lifetime. A dental filling is a treatment for tooth damage by injury or decay.

It helps restore the normal function of the teeth together with the shape preventing further damage. It’s among the common procedures in your dentist’s office, so you don’t have to worry. If you are practicing good flossing and brushing, you’re good to go.

How can One Know if they Need a Filling?

Your dentist uses a small mirror to examine the surfaces of your teeth, and anything that seems abnormal such as defective discoloration or you are truly sensitive to changes, will be closely checked and X-rayed. The dental treatment depends on the extent of your damage and the type of dental filling you agree on.

What Types of Dental Fillings are Available?

Various materials can be used as dental fillings. Your dentist in 95762 we’ll always advise you which is suitable for you.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam dental fillings it’s a mixture of metals, including tin, silver, mercury, copper, and zinc. It’s a strong dental filling material. The amalgam filling is safe and effective although a person exposed to mercury is toxic. It’s advised that amalgam fillings should be minimized in pregnant and breastfeeding women and children, together with people with kidney disease.

Composite Resin

Composite resin is a tooth-colored or white material. It can match the color of your natural teeth and looks more natural than amalgam. But it was a bit more expensive.

Glass-Ionomer Cement

Your dentist can match with tooth color, but it doesn’t last as long as composite resin. So it’s normally used in areas with too much biting force.

Gold and Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain and gold are long-lasting fillings. Porcelain dental fillings can be matched to the color of your teeth, but gold can’t match the color of your teeth. In addition, both dental fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings.

Temporary Fillings

If your dentist didn’t have time to finish treating your tooth, they might suggest a short-term temporary dental feeling. This feeling will be replaced by a permanent one at a later date.

What Happens When Getting a Dental Filling?

When getting a dental filling at El Dorado Hills Town Center, your dentist will give you local anesthesia to numb the site. Next, the dentist uses a drill to cut through the enamel and decay. Once the drill reaches the dentin, the dentist uses a lower-speed drill, since dentin is softer than enamel.

Your dentist shapes the space to prepare it for the dental filling. For example, they might put a liner or a base to protect your tooth pulp.

If the dentist places a filling, they’ll first etch your tooth with an acid gel. Etching will help make a tiny hole in your tooth’s enamel that composite resin fills as your dentist places the dental filling.

The dentist uses a special UV light to harden the composite filling. The dentist will lay the composite material unstop several times to Shane a bright light on the composite to harden it and make it strong.

Finally, the dentist uses the bus to finish and Polish the filled tooth.

Who Can Get Dental Sealant?

Adults and children can benefit from dental sealants in El Dorado Hills. The earlier one gets the sealants, the better. The first molars appear when the child is 6, and the second molars breakthrough when the child is 12 years.

The sealants are also ideal for a person with permanent molars and premolars. This is because the back teeth are prone to decaying and developing cavities around the deep depressions and grooves.

Is It Normal for White Composite Dental Fillings to Turn Black?

Our dentist in El Dorado Hills Town Center dental says that when fluids leak underneath your dental filling, decay and staining might develop. Leakage appears as a dark line around the fillings edge or a dark area underneath your dental filling. White composite tooth fillings wait to turn darker over time from drying out from smoking or exposure to high-staining drinks and foods.

Also, a composite filling might turn black when exposed to avert environments because it begins to break down and oxidize. When this happens, the dental filling will weaken and shrink, allowing bacteria to enter the gaps creating new decay.

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