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At El Dorado Hills Town Center Dental, we know that not everyone in your family may be as experienced with preventive dental care as you are. That’s why the friendly staff in our El Dorado Hills, CA dentist office are committed to treating every member of your family with gentle dentistry, whether it’s for exams and cleanings or more complex procedures such as restorative dentistry. As a leading multi-specialty dental practice, El Dorado Hills Town Center Dental wants to be the dental home for all phases of your family’s oral health.

Why a Dental Exam is So Important

Prevention is the key to life-long oral health. Even if you’re not currently experiencing any dental concerns, a regular exam from your dental team at El Dorado Hills Town Center Dental can ensure that your smile is protected for the long-term. One of the procedures we’ll perform in conjunction with your dental exam in El Dorado Hills, CA will be an oral cancer screening.

Although oral cancer is not as top-of-mind as other types of cancer, it is recommended that you receive a visual screening from a dentist near you in El Dorado Hills, CA at least once a year. It’s easy to coordinate your dental exam and oral cancer screening with other preventive health care.

In addition to oral cancer screening, the dental team at El Dorado Hills Town Center Dental will evaluate your oral health for conditions such as dental decay, infection, gum disease, and more. Call our office now to schedule an appointment so for total oral health care.

Professional Teeth Cleaning is Important

Congratulations if you brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least once a day, and use a good fluoride mouthwash or rinse after brushing. But did you know that professional dental cleaning is still recommended by all dental health professionals every six months?

Even with your diligent at-home oral health care, you can’t remove the bacteria and plaque build-up on and in between your teeth with a toothbrush – not even an electric toothbrush.

Using specialized medical-grade equipment, the dental care team at El Dorado Hills Town Center Dental can reach every portion of your tooth and gum area to keep infection, decay, and gum disease at bay. Plus, you’ll have one-on-one time to ask questions about any concerns that you may have experienced since your last visit.

Back-to-Back Appointments for the Entire Family

If you have a little one at home that’s starting to worry about going to the dentist, we invite you to bring them to your next dental appointment at El Dorado Hills Town Center Dental so they can observe how easy treatment is for you. Since children love to model adult behavior, this is a great way to help them stay on top of their dental exams and cleanings in El Dorado Hills, CA without worry!

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