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If you participate in sports regularly, you know that an accident can happen in a split second. An elbow can accidentally make contact with your mouth and an overenthusiastic teammate will easily bump into you, resulting in tooth loss or injury. To avoid losing your teeth doing what you love most, you should get a mouthguard.

A mouthguard is a protective device that’s fitted over your teeth, to absorb shock and impact and prevent fracturing and tooth loss. Mouthguards can be worn by people of all ages, including young children who are active in sports to professional athletes.

The best mouthguards are custom mouthguards. These are mouthguards that are made with your specific measurements in mind. Custom mouthguards fit snugly over your teeth and guarantee safety and comfort.

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Types of Mouthguards

Besides custom mouthguards, there are two other types of mouthguards: stock mouthguards and boil-and-bite mouthguards.

Stock mouthguards are readily available at your local drugstore and aren’t custom-made. You can walk into a drugstore and walk out with a mouthguard, without spending a fortune. Unfortunately, since stock mouthguards are made in limited sizes, you may not find one that fits as well as you’d like. Stock mouthguards are usually uncomfortable and may inhibit proper breathing.

Boil-and-bite mouthguards offer a certain degree of customization in that you get to boil them first, and then fit them over your teeth — the boiling works to soften the mouthguard so you can mold it to your preferred fit. Unfortunately, at-home customization is usually never as effective as professional customization.

Our dentist in El Dorado Hills makes custom mouthguards for professional and aspiring athletes alike. During your appointment, our dentist will carefully evaluate you and take your dental impressions. These impressions are used in the creation of a custom mouthguard that fits you perfectly and allows you to play without discomfort.

Benefits of Custom Mouthguards

Are you interested in mouthguards near you? Here are some excellent reasons why you must consider getting custom-fitted mouthguards:

  • Custom mouthguards consider the size and structure of your teeth, jaw and mouth. They provide the best fit in comparison to the stock and boil-and-bite mouthguards.
  • Since they fit snugly over your teeth, thanks to the correct fit, custom mouthguards provide ultimate protection and cushioning.
  • Our El Dorado Hills dentist can catch other dental issues when you come in for your custom mouthguards. Early detection of dental problems can help you prevent escalation of the same, as well as avoid costly dental bills.

Are you tired of mouthguards that feel uncomfortable or bulky? Say goodbye to ill-fitting mouthguards in El Dorado Hills, CA, today. Book an appointment with our dentist and start enjoying the benefits of custom mouthguards.

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