Sealing the Deal: Exploring the Benefits of Dental Sealants

Sealing the Deal: Exploring the Benefits of Dental Sealants

Aug 01, 2023

The chewing surfaces of the molars have tiny grooves called fissures. Tooth decay starts quickly in the fissures where food particles remain trapped, and the teeth are challenging to clean. In addition, the tiny grooves do not allow toothbrush bristles to get into them to clean food particles and bacteria.

Dental sealants are slimy plastic coatings that help blanket the furrows on the chewing surfaces of the molars. The sealants help prevent tooth decay by creating a smoother and easier-to-clean surface. Dental sealants were developed six decades ago and have been widely used.

How Dental Sealants Shield Teeth from Decay

Bacteria are present in everyone’s mouths. However, when you eat sugary and starchy foods, the bacteria feed on them and produce acids to damage the enamel on the tooth’s surface.

The tooth surface receives help from saliva, which contains minerals helpful in repairing it. Fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water also helps fix the damage bacteria create. However, if the damage from acids is excessive, cavities form on the teeth on the tooth’s surface, making it beneficial to have an additional protective barrier over them.

When you get dental sealants on your molars from the dentist near you, the bonds create a smooth surface on the back teeth. The application creates smooth surfaces on the molars, making them easier to clean and challenging for food particles and bacteria to remain trapped. In addition, the protective barrier from the sealants inhibits bacteria from feeding on any food particles or depositing acids on the teeth to erode tooth enamel to shield teeth from decay.

Which Teeth Should Be Sealed and When?

Cavities generally occur on the back teeth making children the most suitable to developing the infection. Children favor sugary and starchy foods while remaining negligent with their dental hygiene practices. Children develop molars at ages six and 12. The dental office in El Dorado Hills, CA, recommends sealing the molars soon after they emerge.

The back teeth are the primary recipients of dental sealants because of their susceptibility to developing cavities. Adults without restorations like fillings or crowns can also discuss getting dental sealants in El Dorado Hills from the provider to ensure they have a preventive measure on the molars against cavities to safeguard their teeth.

Children can receive the protective barrier on their molars at affordable prices, further discounted by dental insurance and discount plans. However, adults should discuss the cost of dental sealants with the El Dorado Hills provider before contemplating getting them on their teeth.

Long-Term Benefits of Dental Sealants for Oral Health

Dental sealants helping fill tiny grooves and fissures of the molars are beneficial because they keep food and bacteria out to prevent tooth decay. In addition, dental sealants provide many benefits as the ones mentioned below:

  • The sealants are white and clear and will not appear ungainly on the teeth.
  • Sealants fill tiny pits and grooves by blocking them in the teeth to prevent tooth decay.
  • The dental sealant application process is quick and completed by the dentist in a few minutes.
  • The application process is painless and does not require tooth structure removal or anesthesia.
  • Sealants do not dissolve in saliva.
  • Most importantly, dental sealants are safe and effective as a preventive measure against cavities in the teeth.

Sealants are applied by professional dentists with experience in managing children. The sealant application is sensitive and requires children to remain patient when applying it to their teeth. However, the bonds protect against 80 percent of cavities for two years, continue the protection against 50 percent of holes for another four and stay on the teeth for approximately nine years. However, they need monitoring and reapplication by the El Dorado Hills dentist during six monthly appointments for exams and cleanings.

The Ideal Candidates for Dental Sealants

Everyone is an ideal candidate for dental sealants if they do not have restorations on their teeth. Tooth decay generally starts on the biting surfaces of the molars in tiny pits and fissures. Permanent molars are at high risk of tooth decay and benefit most from dental sealants.

Children are at high risk of cavities on their permanent molars because they are not adept at cleaning the back teeth as their front teeth. However, it does not indicate adults cannot receive dental sealants to protect their molars so long as they do not have restored teeth.

Dental sealants are an excellent protective barrier to prevent cavities on the molars and are recommended for children and adults without restored teeth by El Dorado Hills Town Center Dental. If you or your child needs a preventive measure against tooth decay, kindly meet the dental practice to have dental sealants on your teeth.

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