Porcelain Dental Crowns: The Benefits of This Restoration

Porcelain Dental Crowns: The Benefits of This Restoration

Aug 01, 2022

Dental crowns are a long-term solution for reshaping and strengthening teeth. These tooth-like caps repair cosmetically flawed and damaged teeth to disguise their appearance. Crowns are made of various materials. But, porcelain crowns are excellent for most people. In El Dorado Hills, CA, Porcelain dental crowns provide impressive aesthetics and functionality.

If your teeth are cracked, worn down, or excessively damaged, you may need a dental crown near your dentist’s office. Crowns also repair discolored or unevenly shaped teeth. They are used in large cavities that cannot be fixed with dental fillings. A dentist will use a crown during root canal therapy and dental implant placement.

The Benefits of Porcelain Dental Crowns

  1. They are perfect for restoring front teeth and improving your smile. Porcelain crowns are customized to look like natural teeth in shape, size, color, and appearance.
  2. Their material blends perfectly with the natural color of teeth. This makes them unnoticeable to others.
  3. Porcelain crowns can be easily fused to metal to fabricate strong teeth caps. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns do not fracture or wear down. These crowns are ideal for people who suffer from bruxism.
  4. Porcelain dental crowns are durable and can last for up to 15 years with proper maintenance.
  5. They require minimum maintenance since they only require you to brush and floss as usual.
  6. The porcelain material resists discoloration and stains giving you a permanently white smile.

How Long Do Porcelain Dental Crowns Last?

The average lifespan of porcelain dental crowns is between 5-15 years. However, their longevity depends on their maintenance. If you want your crowns to last long, you must maintain good oral hygiene. In addition, watch what you eat and drink and avoid habits that weaken the crowns.

Daily wear and tear cause porcelain dental crowns to lose their strength. Therefore, avoid habits that can weaken crowns if you want them to last longer and be in excellent condition. For example, do not grind your teeth or clench your jaws. However, if you do it when asleep, seek help from a dentist in 95762. They will provide bruxism treatment to protect your crowns.

Also, avoid biting your nails, chewing pens, nuts, or ice, and opening packages using your teeth. In addition, take proper care of the teeth underneath the crowns to keep them strong and healthy. Brush the crowns gently but thoroughly. Concentrate particularly where the tooth meets the edge of the crown.

Use a mouthguard when involved in sports. They will help prevent dental trauma that may fracture or chip the crowns. Most importantly, get your porcelain dental crowns from a well-trained and experienced dentist in 95762. Such a dentist will ensure that the crowns are appropriately placed to last longer.

What Is the Process of Getting Porcelain Dental Crowns?

You can expect the steps below when getting porcelain dental crowns in El Dorado Hills, CA.

  1. The dental expert will prepare the teeth by shaving down some outer portions of the tooth. It facilitates easier crown placement. This step requires administering an anesthetic and sedative for a comfortable, pain-free experience.
  2. An impression of the tooth to be fixed is taken through 3D scanners. It enables the fabrication of a customized crown.
  3. The dentist will then place a temporary crown on the tooth. It protects your tooth as the permanent crown is being created.
  4. Once the new crown is ready, it is placed over the tooth. When the dentist ensures that it fits perfectly and your bite is okay, they will cement the crown.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Acquiring Porcelain Dental Crowns?

Any dental treatment has risks, including the porcelain dental crown procedure. However, the risks associated with these restorations are minimal. It is necessary to file the tooth into a proper shape and size for the crown to fit over the tooth.

This process affects the tooth structure and is irreversible. You may experience slight tooth sensitivity after the porcelain dental crown procedure. If the porcelain is fused with metal, some people may have an allergic reaction to the metal.

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