How Do I Choose the Best Mouthguard to Protect My Teeth?

How Do I Choose the Best Mouthguard to Protect My Teeth?

Apr 01, 2023

Mouth guards are oral appliances worn over your teeth to help protect them from injuries, bruxism, and contact sporting activities. If you fear damaging your teeth from the activities described or want to avoid unnecessary dental visits for injuries when least expected, consider using a mouthguard to protect your dentition and safeguard yourself against unnecessary expenditure.

As you consider using a mouth protector to safeguard your teeth, you may need more information on these appliances if you are in the market for them for the first time. Therefore this article provides information on mouthguards available on the market to help safeguard your teeth.

Different Types of Mouth Guards

First of all, it helps if you learn about the different versions of mouthguards sold on the market to assist in making an informed decision on the specific appliance you need to protect your teeth. Primarily there are three versions of devices you can choose. They are:

  • Stock Mouthguards : Stock mouthguards are prefabricated under the assumption one size fits all. These inexpensive appliances are available from most sports goods stores and convenience stores. Unfortunately, they are not adjustable and bulky, make breathing and talking challenging, and offer little or no protection. The dentist near you will not recommend using them if you intend to protect your teeth.
  • Boil and Bite Mouthguards : You can purchase boil and bite mouthguards in several sports goods stores to get a better fit than stock mouthguards. Thermoplastic material helps make boil and bite mouthguards requiring you to place them in hot water to soften before placing them in your mouth to shape them around your teeth using finger and tongue pressure.
  • Custom Fitted Mouth Protectors : customized mouthguards are explicitly created in a dental office or professional laboratories after the dentist in El Dorado Hills takes impressions of your mouth and teeth using unique material. The use of special materials and the extra time involved in making them makes custom-fitted mouth protectors more expensive than the store-bought varieties. However, they provide the best protection and comfort, making them appropriate to protect your teeth.

Typically mouth protectors cover your upper teeth. However, in some cases, if you wear braces or other fixed dental appliances on the lower jaw, your dentist can make an appliance for your lower teeth. When considering mouthguards to protect your teeth, your dentist is the best professional to suggest an optimal device for your mouth. Effective mouthguards must be comfortable, durable, easy to clean and resist tears without restricting speech or breathing.

If affected by bruxism, causing you to grind and clench your teeth, you need a unique dental appliance called a nocturnal bite plate to prevent tooth damage.

What Type Should One Use?

The type of mouth best suited for your needs depends on your unique needs and how you anticipate injuries to your teeth and mouth. You can use a stock mouthguard if you are involved in contact sporting activity and do not intend to use the appliance for an extended period. Boil and bite mouthguards are appropriate if you want to try them as a safeguard against teeth grinding before you have a device customized for your teeth by mouthguards in El Dorado Hills. However, a customized mouthguard is your best option if you want a protective device for your teeth and intend to use it for some time.

After Care for Mouthguard

Mouthguards are oral appliances you wear over your teeth when playing sports or sleeping if you are affected by teeth grinding. Therefore they need appropriate care to ensure your oral health doesn’t get impacted by the appliance from bacteria or other microorganisms. Therefore you must use the below-mentioned aftercare tips to care for your device.

  • Rinse the mouth protector with cold water or mouth rinse before and after every use, or clean it with mild soap and a toothbrush.
  • Clean the appliance in cool water using soap and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Store the mouthguard in a tight perforated container for transportation. The container allows air to circulate to help prevent damage. If the appliance is made from plastic, store it in fresh, clean water.
  • Protect the appliance from extreme temperatures and prevent distorting its shape.
  • Check the appliance or wear and tear occasionally and consider replacing it if you find damage or it loosens.
  • Take the mouthguard for exams during your routine visits to have the dentist examine it for fitting and damage.

The best mouthguards available on the market are appliances custom created by your dentist and not over-the-counter appliances. Therefore when selecting mouthguards, you must exercise caution if you want the best variety and visit your dentist instead of sports goods stores or other sellers.

If you are looking for the Best mouthguard, El Dorado Hills Town Center Dental can provide you custom created appliances after taking impressions of your teeth and mouth. Consider purchasing your mouth protectors from them or the best protection for your teeth.

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