5 Advantages of Dental Implants in Tooth Replacement

5 Advantages of Dental Implants in Tooth Replacement

Aug 02, 2021

Do you have a missing tooth that bothers you every time you smile? You are not alone. Tooth loss is a common dental problem globally, affecting millions of people. With different causes for premature tooth loss, restorative dentistry tries to concentrate on the viable alternatives that can help restore the missing teeth. While they are not the only ones, dental implants have a great impact in restorative dentistry regarding replacing missing teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

They are tooth replacement oral appliances that feature small screw-like metal posts. The metal posts are erected in the jawbone of patients, replacing the roots of teeth first. Afterward, a dentist for dental implants in El Dorado Hills then places an implant crown over the metal post to complete the procedure.

Dental implants are used mostly for single tooth replacement. This means that one dental implant should correspond with one lost tooth. However, for some of the patients with multiple missing teeth in a row, it would not be logical to have a single dental implant for every tooth they are missing. For such cases, different techniques are employed to ensure that only a few dental implants are used but all the missing teeth get replaced. This is made possible by choosing different implant crowns other than typical dental crowns. As such, your dentist will recommend getting dental bridges or dentures to complete your implantation procedure.

Top 5 Advantages of Dental Implants to Consider

Having that there are other alternatives for replacing teeth in dentistry, a dentist in 95762 will recommend dental implants because of the following benefits they present:

  1. Bio-compatible – Dental implants in CA are made with titanium metal. This material is unique in the way it integrates properly with the bone tissue of the human body. Therefore, when a dental implant is installed in your jawbone, it soon becomes one with your oral cavity. For this reason, rarely do people’s mouths reject dental implants or have allergic reactions as a result of the implantation procedure.
  2. Permanent results – You do not need to worry about losing your dental implant. Since it is screwed into your jawbone, it offers a permanent solution to your tooth loss. This is also beneficial because it ensures that you can go about your oral activities without any fear of a loose oral implant. Besides, if you are looking for a great return on investment for your dental expenses, you will find dental implants to be worth it. Many patients who get implants have them for the rest of their lives without ever needing a repeat procedure.
  3. It restores the health of your jawbone – One thing that many people don’t know about tooth loss is that it depreciates the health of your jawbone. The longer you go without teeth, the more the bone tissue in the area of the lost tooth deteriorates. With time, you will have receding gums and a degenerated jawbone. When an implant is installed in your mouth, it restores the activity and use of your jawbone and gums. This way, the health of your jawbone is also restored.
  4. Incredible cosmetic benefits – The mere fact that you no longer have a gap in your mouth accounting for the missing tooth is an improvement in your cosmetic appearance. Implants are also very natural-looking, given that they feature both a root and a crown. However, more than that, implants improve your facial appearance by restoring the volume and fullness of your face. Ideally, teeth play a significant role in supporting the fascial muscles for a voluminous appearance. When dental implants replace both your teeth roots and crowns, the result impact the fullness of your face.
  5. Sturdiness – There hasn’t been a dental procedure that can match the strength of natural teeth. However, dentists in El Dorado Hills will tell you that dental implants come pretty close. The titanium metal is very sturdy, especially given it integrates with the bone tissue and becomes one with the jawbone.


Dental implants have been used on many patients’ mouths, with a success rate of up to 98%. With such success and the many benefits, there is no reason why you should not have your missing teeth replaced in El Dorado Hills today.

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