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What It Is?

Developed in the late 1990’s and made available to the public in 2000, Invisalign® implemented a series of custom-molded, removable aligners that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. This ensures that the only person who knows you’re going through orthodontic treatment is you!

With the use of cutting-edge technology, we’re able to get you started on your treatment sooner than you may think AND they’re more comfortable than conventional braces! We take your comfort into account from Step 1, which is why we offer only the most effective & comfortable orthodontic treatment to our patients.

Why Choose Invisalign®?

Imagine undergoing an orthodontic treatment without anyone noticing that your smile is transforming before their eyes. Invisalign® not only provides you with an invisible treatment option but it also gives you the ability to eat and drink what you want while undergoing your treatment. These aligners are built for comfort and with no metal or wires, meaning less time sitting in a chair getting adjustments and less chances of irritation in the mouth.

An added benefit of undergoing Invisalign® treatment with our office is that we use technology to give you a virtual representation of what your teeth will look like when your treatment is completed – an incredible added benefit!

How Does It Work?

Upon the arrival of your aligners, you will be required to wear each tray for roughly two weeks at a time. Removing the aligners is required for each time you brush, floss, eat and drink. Whenever an aligner is replaced, the next aligner will move your teeth into place more and more each time until they have arrived in their desired final position.

During your treatment, you’ll be asked to visit our office about once every 6 weeks to ensure that your aligners are repositioning your teeth as per the treatment plan and addressing any issues you may be having or answering any questions you may have. Treatment times do vary from patient to patient but on average we see treatment times between 9 – 15 months and using between 18 – 30 aligners for your teeth.

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